Barnet & Enfield CMS Project

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London Borough of Enfield & Barnet
2014 - Enfield & Barnet
Sector : Government
Solutions : Energy, Public Lighting
Enfield luminaire displaying branch node
Enfield luminaire displaying branch node

Bouygues Energies & Services has helped the London Boroughs of Barnet & Enfield implement a scheme that will reduce energy consumption of its Street Lighting by over 40%, in order to help meet the dual challenge of recent cutbacks in Central Government funding and increasing concern over energy usage and its environmental effects.

The lighting level of each unit can be adjusted via the central system without the need for a visit to the column.  This means that although lighting levels will be reduced in order to meet energy saving targets, the flexibility exists to adjust them should certain areas require increased lighting for a particular event.  

50,000 units in the Boroughs were converted over two years between 2012 and 2014.  The energy savings are realised throughout deployment as each month more units are added to the new system so savings are already being made. The works undertaken included:

  • Install an electronic ballast and node on each light unit.
  • CMS communicates with each unit via a number of branch nodes that relay signals using existing mobile phone networks.
  • CMS reports to the utility company to deliver reduced electricity costs.


Benefits to the client

  • Increase in lighting output reliability with installation of electronic ballast providing longer lasting lamps and lower failure rate.
  • The Council has obtained over £5m in Salix funding.
  • Investment made by the council is expected to be recovered within 5 years and give a net present saving to the Council of over £12m across the next 20 years.
  • 40% reduction in electricity consumption.
  • Potential for remote monitoring and live fault reporting.