Bouygues Headquarters: Energy

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Bouygues Immobilier
2010 - 2014 - Guyancourt (France)
Sector : Energy
Solution : Energy
Challenger: Bouygues Headquarters
Challenger: Bouygues Headquarters

Using an interactive asset-management metering system, the building’s ‘flight control centre’ will monitor the water and energy consumption in real-time.


Unequalled innovation has been incorporated such as solar roofs which include panels that will harness solar radiation and convert it into electricity using a new generation of panels and inverters - with productivity gains of up to 20%. The 17,000 m² roof and terraces will produce around 1,700 MWh/yr of electricity for the site.


In addition, a 7,320 m² solar farm is being installed in the surrounding grounds and will track the sun throughout the year to produce a further 710 MWh/yr of electricity.


Solar thermal heating will also be used for more than half of the estimated domestic hot water requirements (some 9,000l/day).


Priority is given to user comfort. Significant thermal insulation will guarantee energy savings and be permanently optimised by 24,150m² of ventilated double-skin facades, in addition to highly- efficient low-noise air-conditioning equipment.


Use will be made of geothermal energy through the installation of 75 dry boreholes drilled to a depth of 100 metres. A heat pump system will use the thermal energy in the groundwater at a depth of 135 metres as a source of renewable energy.


Conserving and recycling of water will be achieved through the use of by-phyto purification. This approach uses reed beds to decontaminate water before it is re-used. The reed bed lakes will also contribute to biodiversity on the site.


The building will set the scene for new levels of user comfort with quieter, more efficient air-conditioning, controlled lamps with dimmers, refurbished office areas and adaptations for people with reduced mobility.


Benefits for Client

  • Significant environmental and sustainability credentials through certification in BREEAM (Excellent), LEED (Platinium), HQE (8th level) and BBC (level 9).
  • A 90% reduction in energy consumption on-site – from 310kWh/ m²/yr down to 31kWh/m²/yr and CO2 emissions reduced from 22 to 2.2kg/m²/yr resulting in significant energy cost savings.
  • The refurbishment will also make a 58% reduction in the use of mains water, reducing annual operating costs yet further.
  • Significant amounts of on-site renewable electricity with some 70kWh/m²/yr of electricity produced from photovoltaic solar energy.