Cabinet Office: Total Facility Management

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Cabinet Office
2002 - Central London
Sector : Government

Bouygues Energies & Services FM provides total FM services to over 60,000m2 within the Central Government Estate, largely located on the Whitehall Corridor. The Cabinet Office forms the centre of government with an overarching purpose of making government work better. They assist the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, helping to ensure effective development, coordination and implementation of policy and operations across all government departments.

Bouygues Energies & Services FM provides the following services:

  • M&E maintenance
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Space & churn management
  • Project management
  • Heritage architectural support (with six Grade 1 listed buildings)
  • Property management (including estate rationalisation, lease negotiations and dilapidations)
  • Forward capital programme
  • Cleaning services
  • Reception services
  • Security
  • Helpdesk
  • Catering (two restaurants and three cafes)
  • Hospitality and events management
  • Logistics


Benefits for Client:

  • Reduced carbon emissions beyond the 10% government target with a 14.5% reduction 
  • Changed the profile of waste recycling by reducing the quantity of waste to landfill. This figure was 20% to landfill in 2008 which has fallen to approximately 2% in 2011 through the introduction of innovative techniques
  • Awarded EFQM