French Ministry of Defence: Facility Management

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French Ministry of Defence
2011 - Paris
Sector : Defence
An artist's impression of the Balard Facility
An artist's impression of the Balard Facility

The new ministry will accommodate the Minister of Defence and advisors as well as offices of the armed forces, the French Defence procurement agency and other military departments and administrative services Bouygues Energies & Services that has been selected, with its sister construction company, to design, construct, maintain and operate the new headquarters for the French Ministry of Defence.


Bouygues Energies & Services will deliver, for 25 years, the Hard FM and lifecycle services as well as energy management services in a critical environment that operates 24/7.  The project will accommodate over 9,000 and covers 320,000m2


Bouygues Energies & Services will also provide design, build and operation of the IT systems including cablings, optic fibre and comms design to meet exacting standards.


 Benefits for Client:

  • Surpassing energy consumption targets by 33%

  • Constructing the 3rd largest solar roof in Paris

  • Delivering value-for-money solutions with high quality services